TEASER trailer for Mother 4 went up today! Come to think of it, this is the first time it’s been seen in motion, isn’t it? We’ll talk more about it later, but for now you see some snippits of battle, various places, and a single mode of transportation. Zack was saying something about certain things, but for now we glazed over it. 

Mother4Game.com - What to Know!

by Zane Riley

First off, welcome to the new blog! Next, that didn’t go asn’t as expected. After our servers took a hit, we moved everything alright only to experience one of the most obscure Apache errors I’ve ever run across. Hours later, we figured it out only to sit through some of the longest time ever for domain propagation. What a week! The good news is there’s lots of news to discuss.

A Better Blog Experience

We’ve moved our blog to Tumblr. Traffic on Andonuts.net has slowly risen these past few months which has negatively impacted the site, as I’m sure you all have noticed. Most of that server stress comes from the traffic we received on the blog. By moving, this should (mostly) alleviate it so you won’t be seeing any more downtime.

More Ways to Connect

There are two new channels to receive Mother 4 news. Along with the increased web traffic, we’ve been slammed with email and comments. To make it easier for us to engage with you all, and for you all to engage with each other, we’ve opened up the Twitter handle @Mother4Game. For those that have used the #MOTHER4 hashtag, I’ve always responded to your questions, but will continue to do so from that handle now.

Perhaps even more exciting, is moving the large comment threads from our blog posts to the r/Mother4 subreddit. Reddit is suited perfectly for in-depth discussion on the game. (Note: The community controls that subreddit. None of the staff are mods.) You can still comment on each piece of news, but if you’d like the theorize and discuss, the subreddit is the place to go.

We’re terribly sorry about the down time, but hopefully can make it up to you when that countdown on the homepage reaches zero.